Fun Facts about Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments are very important elements of the music in various cultures. Some musical instruments are dominant in certain cultures and genres of music, while being virtually absent in others. There have been many different explanations of this offered over time. One generally accepted thing however, is that if you intend to perform a particular genre of music, you will likely have to master the instruments that are mandatory to it.

One such genre is rock music, originally from America but now a common genre of music in a variety of regions and countries around the world. Rock music is characterized by the use of different types of guitars. In fact, rock stars are hardly depicted without having a guitar on hand. Apart from guitars, another instrument that has come to be attached to rock music is the drum-set, which provides the background cadence over which the sounds from other instruments are laid.

When it comes to a genre of music like samba, which is the traditional music of parts of South America and the Caribbean, this music prioritizes drums above all other kinds of musical instruments, relying on the rhythmic thumping on different kinds of drums to energize the dancers. Wind instruments generally play the subsidiary role in most genres. However, in jazz music as well as a few others, trumpets and saxophones take center stage and will usually be the instrument of choice of the lead performer.

With the immense diversity of musical instruments, it is still unclear how the association of certain instruments to particular cultures and genres came about. What is crystal clear though, is the fact that it makes for a whole lot of exploration and adventure; a gourmet feast for the ears.